With the rapid growth of the online marketing domain in recent years, link rebranding has become crucial to maximizing revenue. Originating in North America, the experienced ZapBuzz team has come up with the most top-notch link management solutions to help you skyrocket your marketing success. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive link-shortening and link-tracking tools at the most affordable prices, because we know your success is our success!

Our tech team has the concept of custom links down to a science. We provide endless advanced features for link shortening, rebranding, tracking, and ultimately prospering your business to incredible heights. Without doubt, custom branded links have countless applications and can be used for many needs. Whether you’re a solo marketer, or a massive corporation, our link management solutions will give you the best results.

Even though creating, managing, and tracking short link stats is complex behind the scenes, we want everyone to be able to harness the power of short-links. That’s why we made sure that all our services are easy to use regardless of your purpose and goals. Not only do our cutting-edge link management tools let you harness the full power of short-links but our easy to use interface makes it effortless to manage and track links!

As our partner we are fully committed to helping you thrive. Which is why we always welcome all kinds of feedback. We are constantly working on adding new features and technologies to our existing collection of services so that you can get the most out of your links.

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